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Expresspark offers a complete range of Healthcare oriented parking services including valet parking, patient assistance, greeter service, contract management, leasing, consulting, attendant-controlled parking, team-directed self-parking, traffic control and van shuttle service.     We upgrade the service level provided to your patients, maximize the use of all available parking areas, maximize your existing profit centers or create new profit centers where none previously existed, all at the most cost-effective prices possible.

Our client base ranges from large, multi-hospital health systems to a single medical office building. By utilizing our services, any facility lacking convenient, safe parking will gain the “competitive edge” against a nearby treatment center that has inadequate parking.

As the competition for patients increases, facility managers who fail to address their parking problems are experiencing a loss of business and revenue created by patients seeking easier access to treatment.

We guarantee that our friendly, courteous parking attendants will create a positive first and last impression on your patients and visitors.

We offer immediate ADA compliance, without the expense and long wait for construction and permits. The ADA has ruled that the Valet/Patient Assist Service is a valid accommodation for Handicapped motorists. The Valet/Patient Assistance Service allows your facility to reassign Handicapped spaces to other uses while meeting ADA space ratio requirements

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