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Our Office division is our fastest growing divisions due to our expertise in developing comprehensive solutions that increase cash flow while decreasing operating expenses.

Much of the expertise of Expresspark has been devoted to commercial parking management. Prompt, innovative responses to clients’ needs and changing market conditions are the groundwork of Expresspark. When awarded an account, upper management takes an active role in the change. We become cashiers/ valets for the account. This gives us a real view of what is needed at the facility and lets up benchmark income and expenses. We’re constantly testing and refining new technology and marketing tools for maximizing revenue. Innovation keeps us-and our clients-ahead of the competition.

We believe that an essential ingredient for enhancing customer satisfaction is our entrepreneurial approach that combines business skill with technology. We have attained these objectives by amassing substantial resources and applications in our internal and external-auditing procedures. Recognizing our responsibility to accurately control, collect and report all financial activity in your facility, we guarantee the integrity of our cash handling systems.

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